• Michael E. Kirst

    Specializing in Nuclear

  • About Me

    Business expert Michael E. Kirst specializes in nuclear, all-encompassing energy, and environmental policy. His knowledge of the market and business acumen are complemented by his in-depth political understanding and experience working with the EU, the U.S. government, and national governments in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.


    Despite having a headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, Kirst has traversed the globe, worked with several international multilateral organizations, including the World Economic Forum, OECD, IAEA, IEA, World Economic Council, and other important organizations.

    Michael Kirst is well-known for his knowledge of the growth of transatlantic cooperation, with a focus on the energy sector. Through diplomatic outreach, the development of communication strategies, the construction of policy engagement plans, and the coordination and gathering of industry intelligence, he has aided innumerable businesses and even whole nations.


    Kirst assists large corporations in finding possible partners, funding sources, and market expansion prospects. His strong working ties with the US government as a whole, the EU Commission and Parliament, and US diplomatic missions in Europe provide him a rare mix of knowledge and abilities to influence environmental and energy policy and foster global business success.